For over 30 years, Jacques Rougerie passionate about the sea and space, base its research and projects on bionic architecture, biomimetics and sustainable development.

His prospective vision and taste for new technologies allows him to propose a better integration of dwellings in their natural environments, especially at sea, thus allowing inhabitants to accommodate.  Hence he draws inspiration in Leonardo Da Vinci’s heritage and his faith in human genius.

With that in mind, he erected Sea Centers, Subaquatic Museums, underwater dwellings and laboratories, vessels with translucent hulls; and imagines great projects in line with marine environment.

He constantly follows his two passions, Sea and Architecture, experimenting himself his projects as a true contemporary explorer of the marine world.

Influenced since the beginning by Jules Verne’s work, he lived through the maxim : “Anything one man can imagine other man can make real”.

Aboard a large barge docked at the very heart of Paris, the Agency is composed of a cross-curriculum team, mostly mixing architects, designers and engineers as well as artists, scientists, thinkers, explorers … The Agency impacted during its early years by marine projects, grown a culture and a real taste for advanced research and latest technologies.

Specialized for years in designing and building public infrastructures, Jacques Rougerie ensures a valuable outcome in terms of Functionality, Profitability and Programming.

The cumulated experience for this type of projects enables the Agency to conceive and realize thought through infrastructures; to drawn and built thinking of Exploitation challenges, Management and Reception of the public, and integrate technical & economic environment.

 The diversity of projects, cultural or scientific, museums, aquariums, sport facilities, airports, academic buildings… multifunctional buildings and avant-garde urbanism, truly reveals the contemporary creativity the Jacques Rougerie Agency asserted through the years. True to his dreams since a young age, he’s still promoting his marine projects, where reigns harmony between Men and the original Sea environment. Knowledge and vocation of the sea, in virtue of cultural & educational domains, as well as science and technical ones, remain the spearhead of this unparalleled team